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  • For quite some time I was simply not connecting with Spirit, despite courses, meditations and various healing sessions. Leesa was determined that I would get to the root of the block. I felt connected to the possibility and at night I would say my prayers to the Divine to allow me to open and connect with Spirit. One night I woke up thinking I must be dreaming as my bedroom was full of moving sparkly lights, my room looked like what one sees at a planetarium. It was comforting and I felt so much love. I enjoyed it for awhile until I fell back asleep. I can honestly say my life has been improving ever since. I now never doubt my connection. I highly recommend Leesa's ThetaHealing™ sessions.
    - Mexico
  • Many thanks indeed Leesa, for the really powerful Angel Light Initiation which you sent me. As I felt the energy, I saw some lovely colours and my aura seemed to extend like a balloon that was being blown up. I was aware that there were several beings with me who had come with love. I am looking forward to my next healing session to see how it feels: I suspect it will be more effective than before, I shall let you know.
    Mary-Jean W
    - France
  • I've been invoking the new angels you introduced me to, and they are helping me not to be overwhelmed by the clutter, but to just take it one section at a time and relax and know it will get done. To feel that good is priceless! And you can print that if you like!
    Leesah M
    - New Jersey, USA
  • Connecting with Leesa felt like a gift from heaven. The short reading I had threw enough illumination on my question, to wish for a more in-depth one and the ThetaHealing™ was very clear with Leesa's own seeing and my feeling of great warmth and opening around my heart. It is really worthwhile to think of one block to clear because for sure, that's going to be the most important. I would recommend anyone to her service. It is a joy to find her. Thank you, Leesa. Yours in Aum
    Jane L
    - United Kingdom
  • The Angels in Your Pocket cards are beautifully packaged and a delight to receive. More importantly though there is a really strong energy which comes with them. I am keeping Archangel Raphael in my pocket now and I have every confidence he will be assisting with my healing process. It feels like I have a constant loving companion with me. Thank you Leesa, I believe your cards are inspired.
    Mary-Jean W
    - France

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My Values

  • I value RESPECT
    I value and honor your right to be respected. Your free will is not up for negotiation. Your choices are your choices. It’s your life and I respect your right to make your own choices.
    I am what I am and you are what you are. You will always receive my authentic care and attention in your dealings with me. I will be authentic and have integrity with you at all times.
    I will always say what needs to be said but I am not cruel and I will not be harsh. Compassionate, gentle honesty is what you will always receive from me.
  • I value NON-JUDGMENT
    I am not here to play judge and jury. I am here to help you on your spiritual path. Whatever is revealed in your sessions with me will remain confidential and I will never judge you for it.